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With 12 years experience and expertise, Get Bio Pak manufactures and supplies full range branded customized paper cups with unbeatable customer service to grow your catering & hospitality business in 3 weeks

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Water-based Dispersion

Aqueous Paper Cups

Green Solution

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Get Bio Pak Co., Ltd is a paper cup manufacturer specializing in designing and supplying biodegradable & compostable with sustainable water-based dispersion aqueous barrier catering products.

With a full supply chain our wholly owned manufacturing facilities, we’re able to customize your disposbale coffee paper cup with high quality and quickly recation.

Our accumulated experience of 12 years expertise allow us to collaborate with you to elevate your brand through every step of our integrated process, from consultation to final delivery.

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Our paper cups are available single wall, double wall and ripple wall

6oz single wall paper cup factory

Single Wall Paper Cup

Customized disposable single walled heavy-duty premium paperboard

Double Wall Cup

Double Wall Paper Cup

Extra insulation wrapped layers great for a more comfortable hand-holding

get bio pak ripple wall paper cup manufacturer

Ripple Wall Paper Cup

Corrugated wrapped triple walled with heavy-duty premium paperboard insulation

Expert dispersion coffee paper cup

We offer fully customized printed paper cups to satisfy diverse market needs

Home Compost

Plastic-free, home and garden compostable, 12 weeks compostable fall into lanfill

Sustainable Material

THE FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL® FSC certificated wooden pulp paper material


Maintain consistent quality and ensures customers receive cups that meet their expectations

Logo Printing

Exquisite logo printing to enhance your brand visibility, differentiation and customization


Sturdy and reliable package to ensure good protection during transportation and handling

How to find Paper cup manufacturers near me

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Cup rim

Well-rolled edge to ensure leakage or spill

Rich Printing

Water ink felxo-printing no smell and chemical


Side layer

Heavy-duty premium paperboard protect customer hand

Home Compost

Waterproof aqueous compost at home or garden in 12 weeks

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Why Get Bio Pak Is Your Wise Choice?

Top-notch Quality

Well-developed paper cup making production lines & strict quality control bring you top-quality output.

Competitive Price

Dealing directly with a manufacturer means no middle cost & more competitive prices.

Increased Speed-to-market

Our rapid sampling & mass production capability allow you to bring new products to the market more quickly.

Private Label Solution

Custom logo printing & packaging are available for paper cup of all types & materials.

Flexible Customization

Our complete supply chain & in-house production allow us to meet even the smallest custom need.

inspection at getbiopak

Each Paper Cup Need Strict Quality Control

When high speed paper cup making machinery meets strict quality control, the result is paper cups of consistent top quality.

At Get Bio Pak, we have been at the forefront of paper cup factory over a decade, delivering exceptional products that meet the highest industry standards.

In the quest for excellence, we apply strict quality control in our factory. Our in-process & final paper cup production inspections further ensure uniform colors, shapes, sizes & quality.

Full Service
From Concept To Launch

At Get Bio Pak, our collaboration goes beyond product design & manufacturing,

As a leading disposable cups manufacturer, from before-sales guidance to after-sales support, we'll walk you through the whole process of creating your custom paper glass lines.

By working with us, you can:

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Proud to make a difference over the years

In partnership with One Tree Planted, we promise to plant 50 trees every month, We’re proud to have helped plant

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In the past decade, we've delivered custom paper cup solutions to the top names in the Cofffee Catering, Airlines Supply, Dental Disposal industry. logo

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