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Disposable Healthy Teeth Paper Cups

MEDIBASE Medicom MediPros

Ideal for dental practices

The dental paper cup is used to issue a measured amount of liquid (water or oral disinfectant) for rinsing the teeth patient’s mouth.

5 oz geteco® disposable dental mouthwash single wall paper cup

100% Plastic-Free

Water-Base Barrier Aqueous

Rich Custom design

Multicolor 12 Colors


4 standard Models

4oz, 5oz, 6oz, 7oz

On-time delivery

Within 3 weeks

Globle shippment

Multiple transport


Great Disposable Paper Cup for patient use

  • Leakproof well shaped construction, non-slip design
  • Rinse-cup outside designs put patients at ease and contribute to their overall comfort.
  • Fit Dispenses easily from cup dispensers due to rolled lip
  • Fun way to promote dental health to teeth patients
  • Available for 120ml (4oz )150ml (5oz), 170ml (6oz), 200ml (7oz)
  • Easy matching with dental bibs

When you work with Get Bio Pak Solutions, you’ll get:

We offer a wide range of customization options, allowing dental suppliers to have their branding, logo, or specific design printed on the cups. This helps suppliers promote their brand and create a professional image

Our dental paper cups offer an affordable solution without compromising on quality. Dental suppliers can increase their profitability by providing a cost-effective alternative to their customers.

Our dental paper cups are manufactured using high-quality materials to meet the stringent hygiene standards of dental practices. This ensures that dental suppliers can confidently provide their customers with reliable and safe products.

We understand the importance of timely deliveries. Dental suppliers can rely on our efficient logistics system to ensure their stock is replenished without delays, minimizing downtime for dental practices.

We are committed to ongoing research and development, continuously improving our dental paper cup offerings. Dental suppliers can expect access to innovative products that keep up with industry trends.

Our dental paper cups meet all relevant industry standards and regulations(FDA/CE/LFGB). Dental suppliers can rest assured that they are offering products that adhere to safety and quality requirements.

Get Wholesale Price Disposable Healthy Teeth Paper Cups

Any amounts paid to Get Bio Pak for the purchase of their products are secured. Below is an outline of costs you should know

Design Fee

Offer FREE design fee for any designs at wholesale price

Template Fee

Felxo Pringing setup charge

120 USD/ Color for each size

Shipping Fee

Pay the sea transportation from China to your seaport closeby. Get Bio Pak offers you the convenience of any kind

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Sample Fee

Samples (1-5 units per size) stock for FREE, just need pay express freight to your address.

30% Advance Fee

You can decide to either pay the full amount or pay 30% of the full payment for the wholesale.

70% Balance Fee

Complete your balance payment within a certain period before ship out and receive the products you ordered for.

Guarantee manufacturing & shipping time

Manufacturing time: 14 days

We do customized printing, cutting, forming the paper cup on high speed making machines, process with cup raw material inspection in advance

Loading time: 5 days

Well palleted or premium paperboard carton packed as per customer requirement, with soft loading into container, broken or fragile pick out 

Packaging time: 5 days

We do carton packging when forming the paper cup on high speed making machines, process with shaped cups inspection during that

Shipping time: 15-30 days

We provide full set of custom clearance documents before you receive the vessel goods notification, get your goods from custom fruitly

Our Clients

logo gacd
paper cup arkan
Mark Thompson

France, GACD


As a dental supplies distributor, I’ve worked with many manufacturers over the years, but this company stands out. Their dental paper cups have become a staple in our product catalog due to their consistent quality, competitive pricing, and on-time deliveries. Our colleagues visited their factory plant together, it is good and everything is ruled, it’s a pleasure doing business with them

Alan Reynolds

United Kingdom, Denatlsky


Managing a busy dental office means I need suppliers I can rely on. This company has been a game-changer for us. Their dental paper cups are not only of the highest quality, but their commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with our values. Plus, their bulk ordering options have helped us manage costs effectively. They make me free safe in other ways, We’re extremely satisfied!

15 private tutor tutors irene gonzales.jpg
Hayley Hanson

Spain, DVD


I’ve switched to these dental paper cups for my clinic, and my patients have noticed the difference. They appreciate the eco-friendly aspect, and I appreciate the reliability. Our customer was never disappointed for it, the cups are sturdy, and the customization options allowed me to add a personal touch to my practice. I won’t go back to anything else.

Get Bio Pak
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Manufacturing and delivery branded quality, disposable dental paper cups with unbeatable customer service to grew your business on-time and on-budget.