Water-based barrier paper cups

Water-based barrier coating aqueous paper cup is the best alternative to replace poly (PE, PP, PLA) lined paper cups, 100% plastic- free, its paperboard coated a new innovative water based barrier material after aqueous dispersions process.

Water-based barrier coating material composition: Aqua destillata(70%), Food grade acrylic emulsions (28%) and natural minerals polymers as addition.


100% Water-based barrier paper cups


Strong to holding hot or cold beverage

water based barrier paper cups


100% biodegardable compostable at home


Max customized with your brand or logos


FSC certificated Paper Safety certified & Conformity Certificate(EU)

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If you would like to know more details about WBBC applications, here is the products E-book to be downloaded, we believe you will get interested in coordinating with Get Bio Pak Co.!

Why water based barrier coating paper cups?

The European Union has taken decisive action to combat plastic pollution. As of July 3, 2021, the marketing of single-use plastic plates, cutlery, straws, balloon sticks, and cotton buds is prohibited in the EU Member States. Additionally, this restriction extends to cups, as well as food and beverage containers made of expanded polystyrene, along with all products crafted from oxo-degradable plastic.

As a leading manufacturer specializing in the production of water-based barrier coating paper cups, our commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in a range of key features.

Crafted from food-grade environmentally friendly material, our cups are not only safe for use but are also home compostable, directly repulpable, and directly recyclable, aligning with our dedication to eco-friendliness. Additionally, these cups are engineered to be waterproof, oil-proof, high temperature resistant, and fluorine-free, exhibiting strong stability and resistance to softening and deformation. Beyond functionality, our cups offer a canvas for brand expression with customizable exclusive trademarks, serving as a high-quality advertising medium. They are designed to meet the needs of modern lifestyles – clean, hygienic, and convenient to carry. Whether you prefer a refreshing cold beverage or a piping hot drink, our water-based barrier coating paper cups are suitable for both, ensuring versatility that adapts to your diverse preferences.

Benefits of water based barrier coating paper cups

  • Plastic-Free Solutions for Paper Cups, Paper Bowls, Plates and etc.
  • Do not contain: PP, PE, PS, PVC, PET, PLA, PBS
  • Premium Heavy-duty FSC certified Paperboard
  • Flexoing printing with food grade water-based inks
  • Tested Recyclable & Repulpable
  • Certified Compostable EN 13432 & BPI | ASTM D6868-19
  • OBA Free | PFAS Free | Phthalate Free | Plastic Free
  • Compostable intermediates for industrial composting Products

Tailored Design For Your Market

Our approach to customizing a water-based barrier paper cups starts from detailed market research.

Working closely with you, our designers will study the coffee trends, using habits & other features of your target consumers. Everything that may influence a user experience is taken into our design considerations including:

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Water based barrier coating paper cups factory

Guarantee manufacturing & shipping time

Manufacturing time: 10 days

These water-based barrier paper cups on high speed making machines, process with raw material inspection in advance

Loading time: 2 days

Well palleted or premium paperboard carton packed as per customer requirement, with soft loading into container, broken or fragile pick out 

Packaging time: 3 days

We do cartons packed after shaped to be cutlery, process with shaped cutlery  inspection during that

Shipping time: 15-30 days

We provide full set of custom clearance documents before you receive the vessel goods notification, get your goods from custom fruitly

Our Happy Clients!

piano instrument student testimonial 2.jpg
Ray Hunter

United Kingdom, Vending Suppliers


“I am extremely pleased with the water-based barrier paper cups from this manufacturer! Not only are they environmentally friendly, but the innovative water-based barrier ensures that my beverages stay fresh and leak-free. The quality of the cups exceeded my expectations, and I appreciate the company’s commitment to sustainability. Our company crews visited this company, it is great in my view. Highly recommend these cups for anyone looking for a reliable and eco-friendly option!”

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David Schott

Germany, Schaerer Coffee Club


“Our experience with these water-based barrier paper cups has been fantastic! The cups are not only sturdy and well-designed, but the water-based barrier is a game-changer. We no longer have to worry about leaks or the integrity of the cup being compromised. The fact that they are also eco-friendly aligns perfectly with our values as a company. Kudos to the manufacturer for delivering a product that combines functionality with sustainability!”

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Ida Nosková

France, Dentalsky


“These water-based barrier paper cups have become a staple in our business. The quality is unmatched, and the water-based barrier provides an extra layer of assurance for our customers. It’s great to see a manufacturer prioritize both performance and environmental responsibility. Our customers have given positive feedback about the cups, appreciating their durability and the fact that they are made with eco-friendly materials. We will continue to choose these cups for our beverage service needs!”

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