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Zhejiang Mingfei New Materials Co., Ltd is a paper cup raw materials factory, manufacturer, supplier since 2008. Located in Huzhou City, close by Ningbo or Shanghai seaport (3 hours), providing cost efficiency, consistent and high-quality materials (PE coated or 100% plastic-free water based barrier aqueous coated):
Cupstock paper rolls, Paper cup fan, Paper cup blank,  Kraft paper sheet, Bottom base paper
Offering competitive raw materials solutions for paper catering factories (Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia) to maximize their profit margins

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Each Cupstock Paper Roll, Mingfei Paper Collection


100% wood and bamboo virgin pulp


Normal/Middle/High bulkness available

pe coated paper cup roll materials

1 side or 2 Side

100% food grade PE film lined

Well packed

Film wrapped and palleted


Paper Cup stock cardboard Sheets Safety certified & Conformity Certificate(EU)

iso certification.01 9001
iso certification14001
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What is Cupstock Paper

Cupstock paper is a paperboard raw material with laminated material (PE, PLA or Water-based Aqueous Barrier) designed for making disposable paper tableware like paper cups,  paper bowls, and paper containers,  a kind of paper perfect for hot and cold food or beverage packaging by preventing liquid leakage.

Cupstock, composed of layers of bleached wood pulp and a waterproof coating, serves as a liquid barrier in paper cups. Manufacturers can choose from various weights and thicknesses based on their specific needs. Paper cup machines are automated and eco-friendly, turning pre-cut cup blanks into ready-to-use cups. This eco-conscious approach has made paper cups a sustainable alternative to plastic ones, especially in the food and beverage industry.

The Versatile Use of Cupstock in Paper Cup Making Machines

Paper cup machines are highly automated and efficient, designed to produce large volumes of paper cups with minimal human intervention. These machines require minimal maintenance, ensuring reliable and consistent performance in the production process. The combination of paper cup machines and cupstock has streamlined the paper cup manufacturing process, making it an eco-conscious choice for businesses.

Cupstock plays a crucial role in the paper cup manufacturing process by ensuring the safety and efficiency of paper cups. The combination of cupstock and paper cup machines has revolutionized the industry, making it faster, more efficient, and cost-effective.

How To Identify Quality Of Cup Stock Roll

Cupstock plays a crucial role in the food and beverage industry, known for its exceptional durability, resistance to moisture, and excellent printability. This versatile material is the cornerstone of various food packaging products, including cups and plates. The quality of cupstock hinges on several key attributes, such as thickness, weight, stiffness, and absorbency.

Thickness: The thickness of cupstock serves as a paramount determinant of its quality, typically ranging from 150 to 400 gsm (grams per square meter). The higher the gsm, the thicker the paper, which is measured with precision using a micrometer. Top-tier cupstock exhibits a uniform thickness.

Weight: Another critical factor influencing cupstock quality is its weight, which also falls within the 150 to 400 gsm range. We measure the weight using a weighing scale, with high-quality cupstock boasting consistent weight throughout.

Stiffness: The stiffness of cupstock is a vital parameter in evaluating its quality and is assessed through a stiffness tester. This tester measures the force required to bend the paper to a specific angle. High-quality cupstock is characterized by its high stiffness, facilitating easier handling.

Absorbency: Cupstock’s absorbency is equally instrumental in determining its quality, measured using a Cobb tester. This apparatus quantifies the amount of water absorbed by the paper over a specified duration. Superior cupstock displays low absorbency, rendering it suitable for food and beverage packaging.

Printability: Lastly, the printability of cupstock significantly impacts its quality, influenced by surface roughness and ink absorption. High-quality cupstock offers a smooth surface with excellent ink absorption, making it ideal for printing.

Cupstock Paper Technical Data Sheet

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pe coated paper cup roll

Paper (PE) Coating Roll Plant

Each PE Coated Paper Fan, Best Mingfei Paper Display


Oil and water proof


No broken or leakage

paper cup fan manufacturer


Max 6 colors water base ink


Carton or pallet packed

What is PE Coated Paper Fan

A PE-coated paper fan is a paper cup raw material with blank or sheet shape coated with a layer of polyethylene or water-based aqueous barrier on one or two sides. This polyethylene coating serves various purposes, including providing a barrier against moisture and liquids, enhancing the paper’s durability and strength, and improving its resistance to grease and oil.

Paper cup fans vary in size and thickness to match the cup’s dimensions. These fans are processed in cup-making machines, undergoing cutting, shaping, and sealing steps to produce the final paper cups.

How To Get Right Paper Cup Fan Raw Materials from Suppliers

Thickness: The thickness of the paper cup fan is decided by your paper cup making machine. The higher the gsm, the thicker the paper, you can get advice from your machinery supplier to confirm if you can use the thickness range

Dimensions: Paper cup fan or blank dimensions is confirmed down by its dia cutting file, you can get this file from machinery factory or suppliers, a good paper cup fan manufacturer should confirm the 100% same as per that file to get a good shaped on machine making process

Printing: The design and quality of the print on a paper cup fan are crucial for branding and marketing purposes, The paper cup design artwork file should be reconfirmed on: Color (CMYK or Pantone Color Number), Logo design positions and sizes, certifications or compliance labeling

Packing: Paper cup fan available in two packaging options: carton pack or pallet pack.  The Carton pack will get more quantity amount loading on the container while the pallet pack is more convenient when transportation or unloading into the warehouse.

Paper Cup Fan Die Cutting File

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paper cup fan blank factory
paper cup fan blank sheet factory
paper cup fan manufacturer

Paper Cup Fan(Blank) Factory

Our Focus:
It's All About Makeing Awesome Paper Cups

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Multiple Vigin Paper

Different kinds of paper raw materials to meet a variety of market requirements, like kraft paper roll or ivory cardboard

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Efficiency Delivery

High-efficiency and swift delivery processes ensure paper raw material are released and finalized on time.

well packed paper cup raw materials

Always Stable Packed

All materials are well selected, inspected packed in seaworthy packaging methods

Simple 3 steps at paper cup raw material supplier

Browes & Quote

Choose paper cup size & GSM, get consult and free quote fast

Sample & Order

Creating die-cutting samples confirmation before order

check & Ship

Check out all production order details and ship out

Get Wholesale Price Paper Cup Raw Material Rate

Any amounts paid to Mingfei for the purchase of their products are secured. Below is an outline of costs you should know

Design Fee

Offer FREE design fee for any designs at wholesale price

Template Fee

Felxo Pringing setup charge

150 USD/ Color for each size

Shipping Fee

Pay the sea transportation from China to your seaport closeby. Mingfei offers you the convenience of any kind

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Sample Fee

Samples (1-5 pcs A4 Sizes) stock for FREE, just need pay express freight to your address.

30% Advance Fee

You can decide to either pay the full amount or pay 30% of the full payment for the wholesale.

70% Balance Fee

Complete your balance payment within a certain period before ship out and receive the products you ordered for.

Guarantee manufacturing & shipping time

Manufacturing time: 10 days

We do customized printing, cutting,  paper cup sheet on high speed making machines, process with cup raw material inspection in advance

Loading time: 2 days

Well palleted or premium paperboard carton packed as per customer requirement, with soft loading into container, broken or fragile pick out 

Packaging time: 3 days

We do carton or pallet packed when cutting out the paper cup blanks on high speed making machines, process with shaped cups fans inspection during that

Shipping time: 15-30 days

We provide full set of custom clearance documents before you receive the vessel goods notification, get your goods from custom fruitly

Our Happy Paper Cup Factory Clients!

paper cup arkan
Khalid J Yaseen

Saudi Arabia, Arkan


We have been sourcing paper cup raw materials from this factory for several years now, and we couldn’t be happier with their products. The quality of their materials is consistently excellent, and their pricing is competitive. My colleague has personally visited their factory and was impressed with their advanced equipment. Their team is also incredibly responsive and always goes the extra mile to meet our needs. We highly recommend this factory to any paper cup manufacturer looking for top-notch raw materials.

accas cup
Mahmut Akkaş

Turkey, Accas A.S.


As a company specializing in producing a wide range of paper cups, we require a reliable source for our raw materials. This factory makes me feel very safe. Their raw materials are not only of top-notch quality but also competitively priced. Their support team is responsive, accommodating, and always willing to assist us in meeting tight production schedules. We are extremely satisfied with their products and services.

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Percy Friesen



We’ve been sourcing our paper cup raw materials from this factory for quite some time, and the quality has been consistently outstanding. My retailers have never complained about their products.The raw materials they provide have helped us produce high-quality, durable paper cups that our customers love. Their commitment to on-time deliveries and their willingness to work with us on custom orders have been instrumental in our success. We highly recommend this factory to anyone in the disposable paper cup industry.

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