Compostable Paper Lids

No more plastic? 100% biodegradable & compostable paper lid is the best eco option to replace plastic lids suitable for coffee or ice cream paper cups, 80mm 90mm dimensions.

Now how to check price rate details of paper lids? Get Bio Pak, as an experienced paper lids manufacturer and supplier, wholesale professional & high-quality disposable paper lid with PLA or Water Based Barrier coating. Throughout the paper lid manufacturing process, we consistently perform lid fitting to ensure a secure attachment to the cup rim. Customization of printing is available for paper lids.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

Year Manufacturing experience
Factory & Distribution Centre


Paper lids materials Safety certified & Conformity Certificate(EU)

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100% FSC Paper Pulp


Strong enough for hot or cold beverages


100% biodegardable compostable at home


Customized printed on paper lid

What is paper lids?

Paper lids are coverings made from paper materials that are used to seal containers or cups. These lids are commonly employed in the food and beverage industry for items like disposable cups, containers, and packaging. They serve the purpose of protecting the contents, preventing spills, and maintaining the freshness of the products.

Paper lids are often used as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic lids, as they can be biodegradable and recyclable. These lids are typically made from paperboard, which is a thick and durable type of paper. The use of paper lids aligns with sustainability efforts and the desire to reduce the environmental impact associated with packaging materials.

What benefits of Paper Lids?

Spill Prevention: The primary function of the paper cup lid is to avert spillage, particularly when the beverage is piping hot. This renders the lid an essential accessory for individuals on the move, enabling them to carry their drink without fretting about potential spills or leaks.

Thermal Insulation: Additionally, the lid serves to prolong the warmth of drinks. This feature is especially crucial for hot beverages like coffee or tea, as the lid effectively traps heat, preventing the rapid cooling of the beverage.

Enhanced Convenience: Paper cup lids offer a convenient way to enjoy hot beverages without the need to hold the cup constantly. This allows users to multitask, such as working on a computer or reading a book, while savoring their drink.

Branding Opportunity: Paper cup lids can also function as a powerful marketing tool for businesses. They can be customized with a company logo or other branding elements, serving to elevate brand awareness and contribute to business promotion.

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Whole production process of paper lids

Guarantee manufacturing & shipping time

Manufacturing time: 10 days

paper lids shaped on high speed making machines, process with raw material inspection in advance

Loading time: 2 days

Well palleted or premium paperboard carton packed as per customer requirement, with soft loading into container, broken or fragile pick out 

Packaging time: 3 days

We do cartons packed after shaped to be cutlery, process with shaped cutlery  inspection during that

Shipping time: 15-30 days

We provide full set of custom clearance documents before you receive the vessel goods notification, get your goods from custom fruitly

Our Happy Clients!

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Dee Bernier

United States, Purecups


We recently purchased paper lids from this manufacturer for our food packaging needs, and we couldn’t be happier with the quality and design. The lids are sturdy, and the paper used is of excellent quality, ensuring that our customers receive their orders in perfect condition. The aesthetic appeal of the lids adds a touch of professionalism to our packaging, and we’ve received numerous compliments from our customers. We highly recommend these paper lids for anyone looking for both functionality and style!

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Rey Runolfsdottir

Australia, Fpak


As a company committed to sustainability, we are thrilled to have found a manufacturer that offers eco-friendly paper lids of such high quality. These lids not only meet our environmental standards but also exceed our expectations in terms of durability and performance. Our customers appreciate the effort we put into making responsible choices, and the positive feedback we’ve received has been outstanding. Choosing these paper lids was a win-win for us and the planet!

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Kyle Cox

UK, Wholesaler


We have been working with this paper lid manufacturer for our business for several months, and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. The customer service team is responsive, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile to meet our specific requirements. What truly sets them apart is their commitment to timely delivery. We’ve never experienced any delays, and our orders always arrive well-packaged and ready for use. The reliability of both the product and the service makes this manufacturer our go-to choice for paper lids. Highly recommended!

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