For all outlets selling coffee store,serving coffee in the form of “To Go coffee” or take-away coffee

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The coffee-to-go format is a new trend of the twenty-first century that is rapidly gaining traction not only in big cities where the frenetic pace of life forces people to consume food and beverages on the go, but also in small cities.The key elements of such a project are an acceptable location, a drink with good flavor, and a carefully chosen paper cup.

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Our revolutionary mission is to make b2b partnerships as easy, pleasant and invigorating as drinking a cup of coffee. By sourcing disposable paper cups from Get Bio Pak, you will increase your workplace happiness while also satisfying your company’s insatiable thirst for business growth.

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8 standard paper

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Catering Trends On COFFEE To GO

Stylish and comfortable

The cup should be securely closed with a lid, its walls should be made of high-density cardboard, and the cup’s memorable design leaves the buyer with a pleasant “aftertaste” in order for the buyer to be comfortable holding a hot drink in his hands without burning them.

The cup design is primarily determined by the style of the mobile car coffee shop or the outlet where the drinks will be sold: bright youth colors or craft cups in natural tones.

Order coffee to go paper cups with your own designs.

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We work closely with roasters and other coffee businesses from around the world. They trust us to support their brand with sustainable, high-performance coffee packaging – and we can do the same for you.

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