Hotel Paper Cups & Plastic Cups

Build trust and familiarity for your hospitality brand with sustainable, customized cups.

Get Bio Pak Hotel Solutions offers cups for the various needs in the hospitality industry. Whether you operate a catering business, hotel, or bed and breakfast, we offer you an affordable cup sourcing solution.

  • Boost guest confidence that in-room cups are sanitary
  • Operationally efficient to reduce labor and energy cost
  • Plastic wrapped cups are more sanitary than glassware
  • Variety of wrapped cups available to meet every need
  • 270 ML Capacity
  • Perfect for restaurants, hotels, motels, and hospitals
  • Durable polypropylene construction
  • Individually plastic wrapped sanitary single use
  • Translucent design with a rolled lip
  • 365 ML Capacity
  • Ideal for on-the-go drink options like coffee, tea, and hot cocoa
  • Premium paperboard carbon neutral, FSC certificated
  • Up to 6 colors custom printing
  • Easy storage and presentation
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  • 290 ML Capacity
  • Natural kraft paper without harmful bleaching chemicals
  • Bio PLA lining is created from plant-based starches, reducing eco foot print
  • Withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 245 ML Capacity
  • Innovative rippled wall on the outside of each cup keeps the surface warm touch
  • Includes a rolled rim for comfortable, leak-free
  • Eco-friendly way to serve hot beverages, to-go, to all of your eco-conscious consumers

Winning You Over Cup by Cup

Get on board GET BIO PAK

Our revolutionary mission is to make B2B partnerships as easy, pleasant and invigorating as drinking a cup of coffee. By sourcing disposable plastic cup or paper cups MANUFACTURING from Get Bio Pak, you will increase your workplace happiness while also satisfying your company’s insatiable thirst for WHOLESALE business growth.

100 % BPA-free


Custom design



4 standard paper

Cup sizes

Standard delivery

terms - 3 weeks

Globle shippment


When you work with Get Bio Pak Solutions, you’ll get:

At Get Bio Pak, we’re committed to bringing you a customized product, and that means we give you exactly what you want. It’s all up to you! We combine the lowest order minimums in the industry with lightning-fast shipping and outstanding customer service to bring you unparalleled custom cup solutions.

Our cost-effective range of offerings includes double wall and single wall cups, cups for hot drinks or cold drinks, and cups for just about any other beverage offering you can envision.

Even better, our cups feature eye-catching designs that boost your brand wherever they go. We also offer eco-friendly drinking cups so you can give your customers peace of mind that your cups are easy on the environment.

Using your own custom branded cups is a simple but highly effective way to increase two crucial things: brand recognition and customer loyalty. In fact, studies have shown that custom branded coffee cups have led to significant increases in both of these areas. Any business with a hot beverage program can take advantage of this.

Great customer service means speed and quality.

The reason we’re able to offer unparalleled speed is because we do it ourselves. When you work with Get Bio Pak, you get the best work quality there is. That’s because we do all our printing in-house while our on-site creative team makes your brand shine with attractive artwork elements.

And because we do our work ourselves, we’re responsive to your needs at every stage of the process. Our customer service team is committed to making Get Bio Pak your premiere partner in custom printed cups!

We are offering floor stocking for many orders, depending on order sizes.

Low minimum runs save you space and money.

There’s never quite enough storage space for foodservice supplies. From warehouses to supply closets, every square inch of room is invaluable. You wouldn’t want to dedicate this important resource to product you don’t need immediately. And yet, many establishments do because they are often forced to order too much product.

At Get Bio Pak, we’re proud to offer our customers the opportunity to buy only the amount of product they want, with the lowest minimum runs in the industry. Our low runs combined with our competitive pricing lets you keep inventory investment down and storage space open.

We use flexible offset and digital printing capabilities to deliver exactly the amount you want so you can still make room for everything you need. Whether you’re stocking product for a coffee shop or a high-volume restaurant, you’ll have just what you need.

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