Specialty Coffee Expo show

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Specialty Coffee Expo is the largest coffee trade show in North America that sees thousands of coffee professionals walking the show floor each year seeking the latest innovative products and services available to the specialty coffee industry. We’re proud of the show’s growth year-on-year and excited to announce that the Roaster Village is moving to […]

What Café Owners & Baristas Need to Know About Water Quality


Great coffee beans: check. Great equipment: check. Great recipe: check. Great coffee paper cup: check So why doesn’t your brewed coffee taste great? It could be the water. Water makes up as much as 98% of your coffee, so using low-quality water can result in a flat, bitter, or vinegary taste. It can not only […]

Why You Should Organise a Coffee Event – And How to Do It

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Every vibrant coffee community requires events. They enable people to meet, talk, and collaborate. They serve as an incubator for new ideas. They assist professionals in improving their skill sets by either learning new things or competing. They instill zeal and excitement. Whether it’s a weekly coffee meetup or a multi-stage barista competition, here’s why […]